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How to work with chatbots: 7 best AI services

How to work witch chatbots
How to quickly and efficiently create your educational products using AI services? We have compiled a selection of chatbots that will save time for your business.

Evahelp AI is a specialized virtual assistant for your business that helps your students learn more effectively.

  • With the built-in widget, any student can quickly get answers to course-related questions without long waiting times.
  • The student sees pre-configured pop-up hints above the chatbot widget, making it easy to understand what topics can be discussed with Eva.
  • To ensure that the answers are comprehensive and match the company's style, you can configure prompts that will form the basis of the response algorithm for each individual course.

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  • This service allows you to generate realistic voices using artificial intelligence.
  • It supports over 100 voices in 29 languages.
  • You can easily change the narrator's voice according to your preferences.

  • A neural network that helps generate ideas for content.
  • It generates articles, descriptions, texts for webinars, presentations, emails, and much more.
  • If you need to quickly get textual content, can be a useful tool.
Remove Background

  • This service automatically removes the background from photos, leaving only the main object.
  • You can also resize images and add effects.

Lama Cleaner

  • Lama Cleaner also removes unwanted objects from images.
  • This can be useful when creating presentations or other projects where it is important to have clean and neat images.


  • Kandinsky is a free alternative to Midjourney.
  • The neural network generates images based on a text request, with over 20 different styles. Additionally, it can add details to existing images.


  • Grammarly is a tool for checking grammar and writing style.
  • It will help you improve the quality of your writing, avoiding errors and inconsistencies.
  • Available as a browser extension or standalone application. How can your business work with artificial intelligence? Read in our blog.

How can your business work with artificial intelligence? Read in our blog.