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6 Top AI services to simplify content creation for your courses

6 top AI services
Looking for tools to enhance content creation for your courses? Check out these AI services:

- Evahelp AI: Your reliable business assistant that helps students learn more effectively. With the built-in widget, students can quickly get answers to course-related questions without long waits. Sign up for a demo today.

- ElevenLabs: Generate realistic voices using AI, supporting over 100 voices in 29 languages. Easily change the narrator's voice.
- A neural network that generates content ideas, articles, descriptions, webinar texts, presentations, emails, and more.

- Remove Background: Automatically remove backgrounds from photos, leaving only the main object. Resize images and add effects as well.

- Lama Cleaner: Remove unwanted objects from images, useful for creating presentations.

- Kandinsky: A free alternative to Midjourney, this neural network generates images based on text queries in 20 different styles and can also enhance existing images.

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