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5 Alternatives to Midjourney: Collection of Chatbots for Generating Images

Collection of Chatbots
Looking to generate images for your business? Easily do so with AI chatbots. Here are 5 interesting AI services that can serve as alternatives to Midjourney:

Kandinsky 2.1 by Sber

In April 2023, Sber introduced an updated version of the neural network Kandinsky 2.1. With 3.3 billion parameters and support for over 100 languages, Kandinsky offers four modes of operation: generating images based on text descriptions, blending two images into one, creating different variations of an image, and enhancing images./
Сбербанк Kandinsky 2.1
Blue Willow

This service, implemented through a Discord bot, generates beautiful images. The only downside is that it may not always precisely follow prompts.


One of the highest-quality alternatives to Midjourney, this AI service provides a wide range of tools and capabilities for creating original images. It excels in generating realistic photos, portraits, RPG characters, CG-stylized images, vibrant 3D scenes, and more.

Stable Diffusion

One of the most popular open-source solutions for image generation.


Fotor offers a collection of AI tools for photo editing, combining traditional tools with powerful artificial intelligence, making it more accessible to regular users.

Choose the service that best suits your needs and start creating images for your business.